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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are new global cooling systems and technology the key to human adaptation and survival?

If global warming is both caused by man's activities and dangerous to human beings and other mammals, at minimum, does that mean that global cooling projects are a key to our survival?

Here are some thoughts on what may help cool the planet:

- tree planting

- water conservation

- energy conservation

- geothermal energy

- energy efficiency

- re-using materials

- wind energy

- recycling products

- photovoltaic solar energy

- eating local, organic food

many people still don't realize that $100+ oil played a significant role in the global economic meltdown, as eyes are myopically focused on the mortgage derivatives market with little analysis on catalysts and co-factors. In addition to the climate threat from global warning, reliance on oil also infers an economic weapon that can be turned against those dependent, and clear minds expect green power alternative energy stocks to continue to lead this post-Bush rally in global equity markets.

Let's hope and pray and work like hell to support Barack Obama, T. Boone Pickens and all supporters of clean energy solutions to economic and environmental problems.

Peace 2 All,

Joe College

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