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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Review; Nature, Ecology, Environment and Clean Energy Investing

The end of the Bush era was a wild ride for ecologists and clean green energy investments, as the highs of early in the year gave way to waves of crashing corrections, resulting in alternative energy stocks off 60% to 80% and more from their peaks. With oil plummeting from $140 to $35 while the stock market was being halved, the world's most promising companies took it on the chin.

Look for green energy stocks to be among the stock market's leading performers in 2009. Some names to keep an eye on include Vestas, Ormat, Suzlon, FSLR, LDK Solar, GT Solar and many more. Here are some environmental, ecological and alternative energy related online stories and web articles from 2008:

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TD Canada Shoreline Cleanup for Toronto and other waterfront communities - Sep 19, 2008

300 new coral species found off Australia, new iguana in Fiji - Sep 19, 2008

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Native bees on to Vancouver Island are super-efficient pollinators - Aug 3, 2008

Geothermal Power offers huge untapped potential - Jul 20, 2008

Toronto Zoo in campaign to save frogs from chytrid fungus - Mar 2, 2008

Online Guide to trees that produce the most oxygen - Jan 12, 2008

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